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Re: [OT] daylight savings in Brazil?

> I don't think the original poster intended to imply that Brazil
> was "uncivilized".  Rather, being in the tropical zone, the
> country gets roughly the same number of hours of daylight all
> year long and so a summer daylight savings time doesn't make
> sense.
> - Kris


I understand your points, all very known by every first grade student.
Exactly by the exposed by you we have daylight savings. Listen:
If the sun rises and goes down in the same hour, people who commonly
reach home 19:00 (night) will reach home 18:00 (sunset). Shops and alike
will close sooner, whitout need to use artificial illumination in the
end of the "work day". Really, daylight savings could be useful during
all the year.

By the way, I have some friends around the world, and once one came to
my country, and I went to the airport to wait for her. When we met, she
said she was amazed by the size of cities and towers. She said that she
believed that Brazil was a large rain forest, with indians and alike.
Then we went to MacDonalds to take a lunch and talk some nonsense.

Um abraco a todos (A hug to all)

Claudio Silveira

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