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NIS & current unstable

Is there any known problems with NIS and the current unstable (as of

I have a diskless machine booting that mounts another for it's root (it's
root is seperate of the server and has the latest unstable as of the above

I have added the +:::::  stuff to passwd/shadow, nsswitch.conf has:
passwd: compat
group: compat
shadow: compat

Here's what happens:
[root@gohan:/] chroot /[nfs-server here] /usr/bin/perl -e
	'(@a)=getpwnam("[username here]");print "$a[1]\n"'
[root@gohan:/] perl -e '(@a)=getpwnam("wd4d");print "$a[1]\n"'

the nfs server this machine mounts as root has also mounted that server's
root into another directory.  This works (just happens that the nfs server
is running hamm.  No I'm not upgrading what works <g>).  nsswitch.conf,
passwd, and shadow are the exact same things on the nfs server and this
client's etc dir.

As shown above, it's not an access problem!

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