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Re: Drifting /dev/ttyS3 IRQ

"Jonathan D. Proulx" wrote:
> Hi,
> /dev/ttyS3 is my modem.  The hardware is jumpered for IRQ 5.
> I added the following line to setserial:
> ${SETSERIAL} -b /dev/ttyS3 irq 5 port 0x2E8 skip_test autoconfig ${STD_FLAGS}
> The problem is the irq frequently reverts to 3.  This happens after
> closing my dial up connection (although not always).  Also, starting X
> almost always closes my dialup connection (I don't know if this is
> related)

I had the IRQ reversion problem when I was had kernel serial
support compiled as a module.  Apparently, when the module gets
unloaded and then reloaded, anything that was in
/etc/rc.boot/0setserial no longer has any effect.  I fixed this
first by putting 'serial' in my /etc/modules, but now I just
compile serial support directly into the kernel.

Don't know about the X problem.

- Kris

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