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Re: Slink/ipchains trouble

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From: nate <nate@galactica.firetrail.com>
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Date: 24 ñåíòÿáðÿ 1999 ã. 8:32
Subject: Slink/ipchains trouble

>I've never seen this before..
>Every few minutes something on one of my servers running Slink changes the
>default policy on input,output and foward to DENY.  I ravaged through /etc
>to see if anything there was doing it, and didnt find anything, anyone
>know of a package that would/could do this?  Nothing is in crontab ..i
>would remove ipchains totally but i need it for ipmasq ..the machine is
>firewalled already upstream so i dont need any special rules other then
>the masq one but cannot understand why the machine is doing it..nothing
>showing up in the logs..just one moment the policies are ACCEPT (set
>manually by me) and the next they are back to DENY.  This machine acts as
>a DHCP server, a PPP server, DNS server and NTP server.
>any ideas?

I thing you're have ipmasq package installed.
By default it makes default policy "DEENY".
And it recalculate it rules avry time ppp link (from ppp client) comes up.

to desable it remove file in /etc/ipmasq/ppp (man ipmasq).


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