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Re: telnet to my machine (cont)

On Wed, Sep 22, 1999 at 01:51:34PM +0200, Manuel Arenaz Silva wrote:
> I have installed telnetd via "dpkg --install" and, after that, I have
> rebooted the machine. Nevertheless, the daemon was not started.
> where de daemon "telnetd" does not appear. What else do I have to
> configure in order to set up the telnet service? I have checked through
> the HOWTOs but I could not find any clue.

Check you /etc/inetd.conf. I bet it is listed in there -- mine is:
amidala:/usr/local/Office51# grep telnet /etc/inetd.conf
telnet          stream  tcp     nowait  telnetd.telnetd /usr/sbin/tcpd


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