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Re: Multiplexing /dev/dsp

The esound enlightened sound daemon offers this sort of thing in software. I
think the commercial version of oss/linux (www.opensound.org, right?) offers
this ability too. And, if you have a nice new pci soundcard that does this
stuff natively, the proper drivers should make it go quite nicely, but
honestly I do not know if such drivers exist for linux.

On Tue, Sep 21, 1999 at 11:53:12AM -0400, Hwei Sheng TEOH wrote:
> I'm just wondering, is there a way for multiple (unrelated) processes to share
> my DSP port? Is there any driver/modules/etc that multiplexes the DSP device?
> I'd like to have different programs that use DSP be able to share it. Is this
> even possible??
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