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Corel beta program

I just had a conference-call with Corel regarding how they can address problems
with their beta-test agreement. They will fix it.

It's humorous to note that while the usual panic on Slashdot was happening, I
was able to find the people responsible with one call to the Corel switchboard.
The primary person was away, but I got the secondary person who answered on the
first ring and had not yet read slashdot, and he was eager to address the
problem. I'd assume that some other Debian developer tried to call them, but I
haven't heard the facts yet.

Guys, I'm not always around to help, but the number for my home office is in
my domain record, the SPI board has my cell phone number, and there's always
e-mail. Do try me if you think I might be able to help with a problem.



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