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OT: German project needs help

Dear Debians,
I'm Felix! (Excuse my terrible english ;-| and excuse this OT message)
8 weeks ago we started a thread in the SUSE-linux-ML about free school
In summary of that the PingoS (ping on School) were founded.
We don't want give support for SuSE-Linux only, because every admin in
school shoud be able to choise his/her best system for network!
If you are a german Linux-user and could spent some time for helping
schools in your favorite districts, or if you are interested in helping
PingoS in the pingos-ML look at http://www.pingos.schulnetz.org .

If you are living in Fulda, contact us as soon as possible. There we
urgently need a new Supporter for instructing users of a linux-network.

Thanks for reading this

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