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Re: su without password using libpam

Ben Collins wrote:
> > The only way to manage this, is to set up a group wheel, use the
> > "auth       required   pam_wheel.so" line, add user "you" to group
> > wheel and do it the above way leaving out the "apply=you" option.
> It shouldn't according to the docs (yes I read that particular caveat, but
> the logic is still there for it to work). For passwordless access, you could
> make the pam_wheel.so module "sufficient" which means that belonging to the
> group "root" gives them access to su without a password.

I'm sorry. It doesn't work.

I'll stay with the method described in my last posting which is
sufficient for my needs.

Thanks again for your interest.

Andreas Kurth    Mannheim, Germany

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