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Re: PAM problems

On Wed, Sep 15, 1999 at 06:00:17AM -0400, Ben Collins wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 15, 1999 at 03:25:45PM +0200, lexchive@iname.com wrote:
> > I have problems with PAM apps since the last upgrade forced them onto my
> > system.
> > 
> Hmm...seems like you have basic functionality, just a few nitpicks. The failure
> notice on login is something I am working on (moving it from the old login to
> pam_lastlog). As for the log messages, I'll take a look. AFAIK (atleast from
> what others told me) environment vars are not supposed to have non alpha-numeric
> characters in the var name itself, it seems that your login service (perhaps ssh
> or bash) is using them anyway. You can disable the PAM's env parsing by commenting
> out pam_env.so in /etc/pam.d/login (or any other service that uses it).

The variables were actually set by pam_env, commenting out the entry caused
them to stay unset. Trying to remove the non alphanumeric variables (by non
alphanumeric i mean not even the underscore is allowed, I need some variables
with underscores in their names though) prevented root to log in. Other user
accounts were still working right though. For now I put read_env=0 and sticked
the variables in pam_env.conf.

> There are extensive docs an PAM and each of the modules in the "PAM Adminitrator's
> Guide" available in the libpam-doc package (in html, ps, sgml, and text formats).

Thank you for the link, I downloaded the package and I will read the doc.


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