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Re: dselect updating when Debian config changes

Gareth wrote:
> On Wed, 15 Sep 1999, Michael Talbot-Wilson wrote:
> > G'day, all.
> > How can I prevent dselect from downloading packages that are already
> > installed, merely because the Debian version has changed?
> The way I use is apt-get instead of dselect that way only the packages you
> want get upgraded and/or installed and it keeps everything functional.
> just these 2 lines solved a lot of hassle...
> apt-get install packagename
> and
> apt-get remove packagename
> ----Gareth

Is there some easy way to maintain a "half-unstable" machine
using apt-get?

For a while, I had slink with a 2.2 kernel and a few packages
from potato (the ones required for the 2.2 kernel, plus the
newest versions of g++, glibc, python, and all dependent
packages).  I "manually" downloaded the debs from unstable that I
wanted and installed them using dpkg -i.

Now, I've totally upgraded to potato, so this is kinda moot, but
I still wonder:  is there some sort of magic I could have done
with apt-get, sources.list, shell scripts, etc. to automatically
keep updating the desired unstable packages while still leaving
the slink parts intact?  (Putting things on hold didn't seem to

- Kris

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