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Re: To the Debian Project, IMHO

I think most people miss some important points:

- A text or graphic mode UI is some times the most effective user
  interface, some times a command line driven interface is more

- Even the best of the experts is very happy if a good tool is easy to 
  use, so it costs less time to do a job.

- Ease of use is not only for lusers or beginners! I'm a system
  administrator and programmer and i like programs which are easy to
  use, cause i like to have my job done instead of learning how to use
  a tool.

- What advantage has a command line tool with 3000 options, extremly
  flexible, but no one is ever able to remember all these options? The 
  user interface and the ease of use is one of the most important
  parts of every program - only this way a tool can really help in
  doing a job more effective and less time consuming.

Take samba as an example? If all you do every day is working with
smb.conf then you know one day nealy all the options. But if not? If
you have to tweak smb.conf only once in a while? Then every time you
have to work through the manpages - but hey, there is swat. That
little small tool really helps you to just do your job.

Until the next mail...,

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