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Re: IDE CD-R drive via ide-scsi

David Blackman <david@whizziwig.com> writes:
> Do you have scsi cd support?

Yes, as a module. I have a scsi adapter (aha2940), scsi cd, scsi hd
and one ide cd-r. So the scsi cd devices were already there and scd0
has been working. Please look at the kernel config snipped I posted.

> Make those, keep out ide-cdrom support, keep in ide-scsi emultaion,
> keep in scsi cd, scsi generic.
> try it and LMK

What I'm asking is, do you have ide-scsi compiled as a module or into
the kernel? 

> You DON'T have scsi emulation in there.

But I do. Thanks for your concern. I know it works, because doing
'modprobe ide-scsi ; mount -t iso9660 /dev/scd1 /cdrom ; ls /cdrom'

> make sure you installed the kernel

For sure.


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