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Re: I upgraded X...I think?

*- On 10 Sep, David Kanter wrote about "I upgraded X...I think?"
> I tried to update X on my Slink, but am not sure if I did everything correctly.
> Because I don't have an internet connection available at my Linux box, I downloaded most of the files from http://www.debian.org/~branden/ at another machine and used dpkg to upgrade everything I could, such as the vga and svga servers, xfree86setup, and some other things. Some packages, like xbase, couldn't be installed because I did not download lib6gdev. (I didn't think I needed it when I downloaded all the files at the Web site, just the basic ones to get some decent resolutions.)
> The long and short of my question: My X server works wonderfully now, I'm no longer stuck in vga mode, but I'm wondering if I need to update those other packages that couldn't be updated due to dependency problems. Should I just quit now, and not worry about the other stuff? Is it possible that an X upgrade doesn't entail upgrading all the X packages at the Branden Web site?

The xservers only depend on xserver-common to be 3.3.4.  You should be
fine with leaving the rest as is.

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