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Re: Monitor various system informations

Enrico, look into "ud" for uptime and "eximon" for exim monitor. 
(yeah, uptime shows uptime just as well -- but ud logs the three longest, as
well as current time up..)

On Thu, Sep 09, 1999 at 02:40:01PM +0200, Enrico Zini wrote:
> Hello!
> I am looking for a way to monitor various system informations for the debian
> servers we install.
> An example of informations to monitor is:
>  - Network throughput
>  - Uptime
>  - Mail queue size
>  - If I'm sending mail, what's the sending progress (1)
>  - If I'm retrieving mail (fetchmail), what's the progress (1)
>  - Is the modem connected? At what speed? What's its current throughput?
>  - User specific disk and mail stats (requires user autentication)
> ...and the like.  The goal is to have various ways to read the stats (web page
> on a server's http server, gnome application, win32 application).
> The first step is to write ad application who's able to gather all the required
> information and to share it in a consistent way.
> That said, the questions are:
>  1) SNMP seems to be a good way to share these informations, but I have to
>     learn it: before starting, is it the right way to go?
>  2) LDAP instead? Other services?
>  3) Is there a way to interrogate fetchmail about how's going?
>  	If not, is someone working on it? Who? I'll give help.
> 	If nobody's working on it, I will.
>  4) Is there a way to interrogate exim and pppd about how's going?
> 	Luckily diald already has a way to gather informations.
> 				TIA! Enrico
> (1)
> Progress is something like:
> 	"sending message 3/7, 23Kb/85Kb (27%), 104Kb/541Kb (19%) total"
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