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Re: HD Space Left, dselect

> Hello again.
> I installed linux on a 75 mb partition and have no others to spare,
> so obviously space is a problem for me.  All I'd like to know is how I can 
> see how much space there is left on my system, other than going through each 
> directory and ls'ing and then adding up space used.

use 'df' for that

>    One more thing.  I have all the required packages from dselect installed. 
>   If I run dselect again, should I leave the present status for those 
> packages to "install" as opposed to "remove"?  Just how much space do all 
> the "recommended" packages take up?

Yes, leave the state to install, or change it to hold ( = key). Don't
remove them.
Recommended packages are those that help your program function correctly
in majority of situations. Sometimes even recommended packages turn out to
be required ones. Rule of a thumb is that: If it aint broke, don't fix it

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