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Re: How to fully utilise a 10 GB harddisk

> 240 heads x 63 sect/track x 1023 cyls = 15467760 total sectors
> How can I use the missing 2.5 GBs?
> The machine is a rather up-to-date PIII.  It came with NT Wstn preinstalled,
> and that saw all 10 GBs.  After I erased NT and tried to reinstall it
> (surptise, surprise), the NT installer only saw approx. 8 GBs...

Are you sure that the drive (in machine's SETUP) is configured to LBA?
I had the same trouble with a Maxtor hd (10Gb) and it only worked ok
when I did a ROM update in my QDI board. Look for the page of your
mainbord manufacturer and find an update.

Interesting... It worked after I entered the drive's geometry by hand
and LBA mode...


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