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Re: How to produce a newsletter


I have been using LaTeX for a few years now to produce newsletters and I
like it. As somebody suggested Lyx might be an easier way to go if you are
not familier with LaTeX.

Previously I also have used Wordperfect 5.1 (which I still see as one of
the best in the Dos/Windows-world), but now I only use Wordperfect when I
need to read somebody else's Wordperfect documents or older WP documents. 


On Sun, 5 Sep 1999, Kent West wrote:

> Learning curve aside, what's going to be the best Linux app for
> producing a 1- or 2-page newsletter?
> I've used WordPerfect for years (from back in the DOS days of 5.x to the
> Windows version to the Linux version now), but I suspect there's
> something better for this sort of thing.

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