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Re: Why use Debian? Why not Red Hat?

"Richard E. Hawkins" wrote:

> Damon dabbled,
> > Seeing Debian is such an internet-centric (ie., apt) distribution, it
> > would be nice if you could install the whole thing with one the one or
> > two boot disks (I'm sure you can with redhat). Even if the boot disk had
> > a little FTP client (like wget or curl), so you could switch to a VT and
> > put them on that newly made EXT2 partition.
> This *is* the install method for FreeBSD.  But they had to go to two disks about two releases ago, seems they'v accumulated too many drivers.

Of course, RedHat 6.0 has a single-disk ftp/nfs/http install system... :-)

Installed it on my Sony Vaio Z505S, which has a USB floppy so single-disk was mandatory; then from RedHat downloaded the Debian images and
installed Debian- without ever using Windoze!  Refund here we come... :-)

It would be nice if Debian had a similar one-floppy net install arrangement.


-Adam P.

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