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Re: NetBIOS over IPX

On Fri, 3 Sep 1999, Guilherme Soares Zahn wrote:

> Hi there,

Hi Zahn,

>     we are trying to migrate our network here from the &*%$@ NT to Linux
> (our firts tests were enough to convince the Senior SysOp), but we have
> to route NetBIOS over IPX for some subnets, and we couldn't find a way
> to do so (nowadays we're only able to route NetBIOS over IP)... We're
> using ipxripd for the IPX routing... Which app should we use to do the
> NetBIOS routing over it???
	I have this setting here. 
	Basically, you must compile your kernel with ipx support, install
ipx package from net, along with ipxripd, but....
	kernel 2.2.x (till .12) has a bug in the ipx/spx code. So you must
use a 2.0.X kernel. 
	If you have any further questions, mail me in pvt.

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