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python-pygresql - files missing?

I recently compiled postgresql 6.5.1 from potato source for slink.  One of
the packages generated is python-pygresql_6.5.1-6_i386.deb which I
installed to replace my previous version of pygresql in /usr/local.

According to the README of python-pygresql the following files should be
part of the distribution:

README       - this file
  Announce     - announcement of this release
  ChangeLog    - changes that affected this package during its history
  pgmodule.c   - the C python module
  pg.py        - PyGreSQL DB class.
  tutorial/    - demos directory
                 Content: basics.py, syscat.py, advanced.py, func.py and
                 pgtools.py.  The samples here have been taken from the
                 PostgreSQL manual and were used for module testing.  They
                 demonstrate some PostgreSQL features.  Pgtools.py is an
                 add-in used for demonstration.

$dpkg -L python-pygresql (I removed the lines only referring to


What happened to the other files e.g. the tutorial and demos?

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