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smbumount doesn't

I can smbmount-2-2.x a WinNT share to a local mountpoint without any
problem. But at night, our NT administrator has a script running that
logs off everyone that is connected to the NT box, so that the NT's
backup program will run without running into "File open" errors.

When I get back in the office the next day my mountpoint no longer works
(because I've been kicked off by the NT admin), so I try to remount it,
and the mountpoint can't be resolved. So I try to smbumount (unmount)
it, and again, the mountpoint can't be resolved. I can't do anything
with the directory/mount point until I reboot the computer.

Surely there's a better way to clear the smbfsx glitch than to reboot
the system?

Yes, I could smbumount the share before I get kicked off, provided I
remember to, but I would think there's a more elegant solution.

Thanks for any help!

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