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Re: cfdisk big-disk warning

while cfdisk will work with big disks, it will not work with the 
partition table created by windows 98.  in order to use partitoions bigger
than 2GB with windows 98, you must use the FAT32 partition scheme.  (windows
calls this 'large disk support'.)  i could not get cfdisk to work with
this partition table when i went to create linux partitions on my disk.
fdisk did work with the windows 98 FAT32 partition table.

so, i conclude, and i've heard from others on this group, that cfdisk will
not work in this case.  if you don't need a dual boot system, then cfdisk 
will work fine with big disks.  just change the disk geometry in expert mode.
in fdisk or cfdisk.

as far as the swap partition problem goes, i'm not sure.  did you make sure
that you changed the id to the swap id on the partition (82, i think)?
did you initialize the swap space?

> Duggan Dieterly said:
> > just to let everyone know, cfdisk does not work with window FAT32 
> > file partition tables.  use fdisk instead.
> What happens?  I've been able to create partitions extending beyond cylinder
> 1023 with (the current as of one week ago Potato) cfdisk, although the 
> version on the install disks won't handle large disks.
> A related question:  Once I've got those partitions created out there on the
> high-numbered cylinders, how can I use them?  mkswap complained that they
> are too small to be usable as a swap partition and mke2fs died with an error
> stating that a bad value was passed to libe2fs.  (Error messages are from
> memory.  I did this a week ago and have since deleted those partitions until
> I can find out how to get them to work.)
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