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Re: Dselect suddenly unable to read cdrom

On Tue, 31 Aug 1999, Anthony Campbell wrote:

> I have an official CDROM for Debian which I've used for a good many
> months without problems. Suddenly I'm getting numerous errors in reading
> the disk; I can't give the exact error messages but they are of the form 
> "Atapi reset...  error on reset.."
> After a good deal of this it resumes reading the disk and eventually
> reaches the end, but says it has encountered Error 1.
> I thought it might be a hardware problem but it reads other cdroms
> without difficulty, including other Debian disks.  I've cleaned the disk
> and the laser window.
> This is on a Toshiba Satellite 4000CDT.
> I don't see how a cdrom disk could become unreadable unless it were
> badly scratched, which this is not.
> Can anyone suggest what could be happening?  If it is a hardware problem
> it's still under warranty, but I could hardly claim this since all other
> disks are read properly.

A few weeks ago I had similar symptoms which disappeared after I used
cleaned the cdrom with a cleaning disk.  Maybe it is dirt.


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