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Re: pascal for linux

>> I have Pascal for Dos, but my OS (Sistema >>Operacional) is Linux,
>> like how install in linux.

>Debian has a Pascal compiler.  Look for the package >gpc (and gpc-doc
>the doc's).
>Alternatively, if you really want to run your DOS >Pascal, you might

I was looking at porting a pascal program from dos to linux.  Besides
having to write a device driver (as it twiddles the printer port
directly) I would have to fix all references to the Borland runtime lib
stuff.  I don't think that dosemu would fix all this (does dosemu allow
direct access to hw?).  I think I might just re-write the thing into C
and have an easier time.  (Wasn't there a Pascal-to-C converter package
somewhere?  Thought I saw it in Bo or Hamm)
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