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Re: Print error after lprng update (potato)

On Wed, Sep 01, 1999 at 06:02:16PM -0300, Valdemir Melechco Carvalho wrote:
> I had my potato system working smoothly until yesterday when I updated the
> system with apt. After that I haven't been able to print. The lpr command
> displays the following message: 
> >Status Information:
> > sending job 'ze@jacare5+443' to missingprinter@localhost
> > connecting to 'localhost', attempt 1
> > connected to 'localhost'
> > requesting printer missingprinter@localhost
> > error 'LINK_TRANSFER_FAIL' sending str '^Bmissingprinter' to 
> >missingprinter@localhost
> > job 'ze@jacare5+443' transfer to missingprinter@localhost failed   
> What does missingprinter mean?
> I am using lprng 3.6.8-1 and apsfilter 5.1.2-2.
> Please, does anyone can help me?
> Thanks in advance.

I filled some bugs against new lprng. Short solution (all steps are needed)

- install 3.6.8-2 (is in incoming)
- cd /var/spool/lpd
  chown -R daemon.lp *
  chmod 700 *
- read your /etc/printcap, find af= and lf= entries, cd /var/log
  and chown daemon.lp  these files too.


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