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Thanks and more questions:)

First off, thanks to all of you who helped me with sound card and modules
and stuff.  Appreciate it :-)

Secondly, does Debian have a utility that will let me repartition my drive
without data lost?  I set up my paritions in a bit of a haze and have
something like

Root: 4 gigs
/usr: 5 gigs
Windows (for games, honest...) 3 gigs, 
Swap...400 megs I think
And "other" 2.5 gigs 
(I think that's right, I can't do math...)

Anyhow, after reading a few posts about making root a bit smaller for less
corruption and the like, I thought it might be nice to do that, but I don't
want to go through the work of repartitioning, formatting, installing etc.

Any advice?

Thanks again
The Linux newbie who's saving money and not buying a clue....

"God, Root. What is the difference?"
	Pitr, User Friendly

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