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WindowMaker for newbie.

Well, after my request for info about Enlightenment, I decided to go with
WindowMaker due to my daughters 8bit colour limit. I installed it with little
problem, except that dselect kept saying that WindowMaker suggested asclock and
asclock didn't seem to be available. I ignored this as it was only a suggestion,
and WindowMaker installed fine. I did notice that WindowMaker also has something
about WMsound, but I couldn't find that on my CD. My system still starts up with
fvwm95, but I can switch to WindowMaker from the menu, no problem. I had a go at
changing this, but didn't get very far. I use xdm to give me my login screen on
boot-up so I read about xdm in the man pages. I currently don't have a .Xsession
or .xinit file in either mine or my daughters home directory. I had a look
around in the xdm directories, but couldn't find a file that seemed to start
fvwm95. I think right now the best place for me to change this would be in the
system wide file, so WindowMaker starts for any login, rather than in the
individual ~/ directories. I do like the look of WindowMaker and have played
around with some of the system tools. They're not quite as easy as Windows
control panel, but I really like the way it looks. My daughter has even had a go
at it! I want to get the system sound configured, but as I said, I couldn't fine
WMsound on my CD. Do I need to get this from WindowMaker's site, or are there
.debs available? I'm still having problems with my daughter's sound, but I'll
save that for another time. It seems to be a problem with my network settings
and nas.
Thanks again for all the feedback concerning E and other window managers.
WindowMaker look great even on my daughters 8 bit colour PC.


     John Gay

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