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Re: Time disparity between system time and netscape

On Sun 08/29/99 03:00PM, Daniel Barclay wrote:
> That sounds like a time-zone problem.  Do you happen to be in
> the US eastc-coast time zone?

No, I'm in the Pacific time-zone (US-west coast). The funny thing is
that mutt sends mail with the right time, but Netscape doesn't. It
appears that Netscape shifts ALL (incomming/outgoing) date/time info
by 5 hours. I upgraded my Netscape to 4.6 (libc5) two days ago, and
that's when i noticed the time difference.

Just to check again, I sent a message to myself. Netscape records it
as being sent at 1950, but mutt (correctly) records it at 1250.


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