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Re: Dell Xpi 90 T laptop

I recently had this problem with a Toshiba 3015CT.  I needed a zImage
kernel instead of the default bzImage kernel on the standard boot disks. 

There's floppy images called "Tecra" images (named after the Toshiba
laptops which seem to exhibit this problem the most) which you might try
to boot from.  That worked for me.

Also, remember there's a Debian-Laptop list (someone else pointed this out
to me when I was having trouble) and if you'd be so kind as to detail your
laptop type, perhaps someone there could help.

On Sat, 28 Aug 1999, MARK DAVENPORT wrote:

> I have struggled getting Mandrake to load on a laptop so I decided to try Debian.
> Im trying to install from the Harddrive but I the machine continues to reboot after the boot prompt.
> I ve entered my harddrive geometry at the prompt but it keeps rebooting. Im trying to load 2.1.
> Ready to pull out what little hair I have left. 
> Mark Davenport

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