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PPP over an Ethernet connection.

I want to set up a *dynamic* PPP connection over an Ethernet connection (at 
least, that is what I think).
Can you tell me what are the available tools ?

Can I redirect a terminal to the Ethernet device ? There does not seems to be 

Suppose I'll have to hack some package, which one would you consider first ?

My motivation:

	my_pc <----> "a_router" <----> An_ISP

                 |                 |
                 |                 |
               Ethernet         Frame Realy

Now my pc is connected to the "router" by Ethernet.
The "router" is, actually, a frame relay adapter with routing capabilities. It 
accepts both native Internet protocol (IP) traffic from a direct Ethernet 
connection and IP data encapsulated in Async Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP - 
RFC 1331) or Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP - RFC 1055).

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