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Re: [Summary] UPS anyone?

On Tue, 17 Aug 1999, Peter S Galbraith wrote:

>  `Best Power' general comments (http://www.bestpower.com)
>   - manufacturer has `free' Linux software which may be packaged
>     for Debian soon (All I have found in the source are lines
>     like: CheckUPS II BASIC V3.23Copyright (c)1985-99 by Best
>     Power, All Rights Reserved.  They'll need to clarify this).
>     Both the dumb and smart models listed below use the same
>     software download, which supports both `basic' and `advanced'
>     programs for dumb and smart UPS.
>   - bpowerd Debian pacakge does not currently support the INT-0051 cable
>     packaged by Best Power for all OSes

	Just to throw my two cents in, the Best Fortress line of UPS fully
support Linux with included/downloadable software. I set two of these up
at work, one for a PII running RH4.2. Just downloaded the UNIX checkups
software, and compilied the included c source code, and it works great. It
communicates with the UPS, pulls a decent amount of information from it,
and can intelligently handling power events (via a resident daemons and a
few custimizable shell scripts and logging capablities). They might be a
bit more than the average linux user might need, but when you have more
than 1-2 boxes, or are in a production environment, I would highly
recommend them.
	Also, go to www.buy.com for excellent prices on them (40-45% of
list), and decent shipping (for huge, heavy UPS :). No, I don't work for
them, just a recent, happy customer. :)

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