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apt with smbmount

I'm installing slink on a friend's old '486, with a CD rom which is
smbmounted from a drive on his win98 box.
I can access the .deb files okay, and can do 'dpkg -i file.deb', but
'apt-get install <package>' is broken because the symlinks on the CD
aren't followed.
Is there any way to get apt-get to work on an smbmounted CD rom?
I'm considering installing personal web server on the '98 box and
serving up the CD as http or ftp if smbmount won't work.  I'd like
to avoid making any changes to the winbox because he uses it for work
and I don't want to be responsible for fixing anything on it that
might break.
Any ideas?


P.S. Please cc: me as I don't have access to my own box (and my list
subscription) right now.
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