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Re: leafnode won't fetch

On Tue, Aug 17, 1999 at 01:48:30AM -0700, NatePuri wrote:

> I'm trying to setup leafnode.

> I have configure /etc/leafnode.conf to use my isp's nntp server (i.e.,
> news.myisp.net).

> When I run the command 'fetch' absolutely nothing happens.  Why is this?

Could you define exactly what "absolutely nothing" is - does it hang,
does it return immediately to the command prompt?  What does "fetch
-vvv" say?  Is there any network activity (check by using ifconfig,
watching any appropriate blinking lights or using tcpdump)?

Since fetch isn't very chatty by default, it may be that it is doing
things but not providing the sort of feedback you are expecting.

It is normal for your first download to take quite a long time, since
leafnode will download the entire active file from the upstream news
server.  If there's network activity but no visible feedback, that's
probably what's happening.  Similarly, the first time you download a
group you may find that it takes a long time because there are a lot of
old articles being downloaded (adjusting the parameters in the
configuration file can help with this).

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