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Re: Gnome+IceWM

   Getting the gnome-session setup is a funny beast.  There should be an
   easy way to do it, but I haven't found it.  The docs aren't much help
   either.  Anyway, what worked for me was to start icewm-gnome, in the
   regular fashion.  Then execute gnome-nameservice &, panel &, and then
   gnome-session &.  The I edited my ~/.xsession to look like the this:

   xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources  #get some custom settings loaded
   esd -terminate -as 2 &     #esound demon that shares
   exec gnome-session 

   You'll probably have to futz with it a bit before it'll work.  Note,
   it you "exec" something in a shell script, whatever that something
   does *replaces* the shell script.  So, anything following will never
   be executed.

Eric G. Miller
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