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undefined reference

Hi all,
I'm almost all the way done porting a large software project to Linux.
Everything compiles beautifully etc, but I get a linking error.  I'm not
complaining, I used to get over 1000 lines of linking errors, now I just
get the one.  But I'm having a heck of a time understanding it.  This is
the error:

/home/bob/lib/linux/libkernel.a(swsplsur.o): In function
`sweep_spl_sur::deep_copy(pointer_map *) const':
swsplsur.o(.text+0x537): undefined reference to `__eh_pc'
swsplsur.o(.text+0x56a): undefined reference to `__eh_pc'

What is __eh_pc? and why can I not find it in any of the standard libs?
It's not defined in any of my libs either.  
Any ideas?


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