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Re: Partitioning and symlinks

On Tue, Aug 10, 1999 at 02:49:51PM +0100, Ted Harding wrote:
> (I already posted this to the SuSE list, so apologies if you see it twice)
> A query/discussion-point for those of you who know their way around
> these things --
> When you first set up partitions (for /, /usr, /home etc) you won't be
> sure how the takeup of space on these will turn out in the long run,
> so you make an intelligent guess. Sometimes the partitions you create
> will be on the same physical hard drive, sometimes on different HDs.
> The usual (and recommended) approach is that a particular partition
> on a particular drive will be home to a particular sub-tree: for
> instance you may have created /dev/hdb2 to contain /home and then,
> when the system boots, /dev/hdb2 gets mounted onto /home.
> However, this aproach has the disadvantage that the association
> between logical sub-tree and phyical disk-space is, as it were,
> carved in stone. If it turns out, for instance, that you under-estimated
> the space required for /home, then you have some retructuring to do.

yes, a problematic area for newbies.
Although the advantages of speed (when partitions are split across multiple
disks)/ and the oft-quoted reason of not taking the whole system down if the
mail spool gets very full etc. make this a good way of doing it. 

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