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Re: Installing Netscape

> Sounds like my box. I use ICE, cant start Netscape. I have to use the TKdesk
> browser and double click it then it starts.
> > I am trying to install Netscape Navigator and can't seem to get it to
> > work.  I have downloaded this file: navigator-v461-export.x86-
> > unknown-linuxglibc2.0.tar.gz

Hmmm... First, I wasn't aware that apt-get could install .tar.gz files ;-? Are you
sure it hasn't jusrt grabbed the netscape package from the internet once again?

Well, anyway... try running ¨netscape¨ from a xterm and see what's the system's
output (if Netscape doesn't start, the system WILL tell you something about it -
either a ¨command not found¨ (in which case you should add a link to netscape in the
/usr/local/bin directory) or a ¨libc.so.6 not found¨ (in which case you should check
if glibc is installed and the links OK) or even a ¨bus error¨, ¨segmentation fault¨
or some other error message (in which case, I'm sorry to say you should just
uninstall your netscape and try installing it once again - maybe just doing a:

tar -xvvzf  navigator-v461-export.x86-unknown-linuxglibc2.0.tar.gz

then changing to the directory tar creates and running ¨install¨ or something (the
script that comes with netecape)

Hope this helps!

Guilherme Zahn

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