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Re: rc?.d policy?

In article <cistron.E11DwgV-0007Og-00@ppp-x9-36.ecn.purdue.edu>,
Brian Servis  <servis@purdue.edu> wrote:
>No Debian has no policy about runlevels, which is pretty strange if
>you ask me, they rejected a bug against policy on this issue.  Nothing
>is stopping you from changing your own system around. But be aware that
>whenever you update any of the packages that use the rc*.d directories
>that they will re-add the links back in, at least until policy is

That is not true. You can futz around with the symlinks all you
want - as long as at least one Sxx or Kxx link is present for the package,
a re-install or upgrade will _not_ change your configuration. That
is kind of the point of update-rc.d

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