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Re: Install problem...

On Fri, 6 Aug 1999, Umut Ceyhan wrote:

> Opsss... 
> 1. CD :
> /.disk
> /boot
> /dists
> /doc
> /install
> /tools
> debian
> Readme.1st
> README.CD-man...
> etc.

OK as far I can see, they are the ones You will need. 

Now in the directory /install you will find for example:


which is a html-file of the installation guide. 

Just read that (quite carefully to decide, which way to the
installation) and start installing... (You will probably need 
disks to 'rawrite' your 'resc'- and 'drivers'- disks on, but otherwise I
thing that You've got the things what You'll need...)

If you don't have any web-browser or some other program to read the 
install.html -file, you can use the install.txt to read about

Basically the installation- procedure is quite simple, if you happen to
have suitable hardware. 


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