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Re: how do i apt-get glibc?

sorry didn't realize i was e-mailing only you, thanks

Brian Servis wrote:

> *- On  4 Aug, wonko wrote about "how do i apt-get glibc?"
> > since my other question was answered so promptly (thank btw) i'm asking another one.
> > how do i apt-get glibc? i set the ftp in sources.list "deb ftp://ftp.gtk.org pub gtk
> > v1.2 binary DEBIAN stable and type in apt-get libcgtk and it says package not found.
> > i am not sure about the package name  how do i find them out?
> >
> [cc'd to debian-user]
> Please post questions to the list and not directly to me in the future.
> You are much more likely to get a better response if I do not know the
> answer.
> ftp.gtk.org is not set up to work as an archive that can be retrieved
> via Debian methods.  You will have to download the files individually
> and install them with 'dpkg -i <package>'.  If they had a correctly
> formatted Package file in the stable directory the correct URI line
> would be(I think)
> deb ftp://ftp.gtk.org/pub/gtk/v1.2/binary/DEBIAN/ stable/
> Please read man page for sources.list for details on the syntax for URI
> lines in sources.list.  It is a little confusing sometimes I admit.
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