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problem with sbpcd-module


when i try to install the sbpcd-module in the installation program i get

following message:

    eval:1:syntax error: eof in backquote substitution
    script:cd /dev && rm -f cdrom && ln -s sbpcd0 cdrom
    eval:1:syntax error: eof in backquote substitution
    installation succeeded

i have no idea what this means, but the installation succeeded sounds
when i continue with the installation i'm asked to insert the debian
cdrom(which one is it? I've got four of them). i get a 'could not mount
the cdrom'. changing the module arguments doesn't change anything. what
should i do?

some other questions: when i don't give any module arguments it's
installed with sbpcd=0x230,1, is this a default setting or is it the
result of a search for the right settings? how do i know which settings
to use?



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