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Re: Intellimouse

Andy Spiegl wrote:
> > sorry for posting to this list, but I have to know quickly, if
> > it is possible to use the wheel of the MS-Intellimouse as
> > third button to get the selections of gpm and X.
> Yes, sure is!
> GPM:
>   If it's a PS/2 mouse, choose ps/2, otherwise ms3 I think.
> X11:
>  * PS/2 version:
>   Section "Pointer"
>     Protocol    "IMPS/2"
>     Device      "/dev/psaux"
>  * Serial version:
>   Section "Pointer"
>     Protocol    "IntelliMouse"
>     Device      "/dev/ttyS0"

You might want to check out Colas Nahaboo X mouse wheel scroll page:

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