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Re: Configuring a monitor?

I would suggest downloading a new svga xserver if you haven't already.
The one off the 2.1 cd was a little outdated when I tried it with a v550
and a fresh one off of ftp.xfree86.org was the solution. Until the
accelerated ones from nvidia came out :)


virtanen wrote:
> 1)
> Managed to get debian slink running in a pention II box. Managed to get
> even x running in a way. But.
> 2)
> The screen is impossible to use, because only the panel buttons of fvwm
> become so big that there is no room for anything else and almost the all
> of the information is 'outside' of the screen.
> 3)
> During XF86Setup (I used that to configure X) I have tried various
> possible configurations for the monitor. They make no effect at all. The
> card is Matrox Millenium Mga G100 (AGP) Powerdesk and I selected  SVGA
> Server as was suggested by a kind person on this list.
> The monitor is HL 7870S Hyundai 17".
> 4)
> Must I change something in the BIOS to make it possible to configure the
> screen somehow? M$os says simply: 'Plug and Play monitor'
> Or must I use xf86config instead of XF86Setup?
> 5)
> Or what to do?
> -hv
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