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(Parallel) Iomega Zip and a Printer

I managed to install Iomega parallel Zip drive on my debian machine just
by selecting during the installation process a driver for that. It seems
to be working perfectly. 

Now I just purchased a cheap printer, which according to the
documentation of Ghostscript should be working with debian (Epson stylus
color 400). 

Now I wanted to get even the printer working. 

Tried to read all the docs
including iomegaZip-howtos. Installed and configured magicfilter. In the
howto (or was in the FAG?) it was written that you can use a printer and
zip-drive on the same machine, but you cannot have both drivers (or was it
daemons?) running at the same time. 

But nowhere it was written *how* to
'kill my zip-driver and start a printer driver instead'. During booting
the system is giving a message 'starting lpd'. The magicfilterconfig
seemed to run perfectly. 

(at least it didn't give any error messages. By the way in no
documentation I could find any hint that I have tu run
magicfilterconfig to configure magicfilter... I just had to quess that I
have to do it...)   

I have tried to plug off the zip cable and plug in the printer cable
instead, and tried to plug the printer cable in the zip drive's provided
slot. No success. 

What to do? 

I wanted to be able sometimes use the zip drive and sometimes
to use the printer. Do I have to install the system newly without the
zip-driver or is there some better solution available? 


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