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Re: Anyone using an S3 Trio3D/2X graphic card ?

Wim Kerkhoff wrote:

> I think that at one time (6 weeks ago?) I tried to get this card working for a
> friend, but I read the docs for the current (at the time) X versions, and that
> card was not supported.  We swapped it with a Banshee 16MB, which worked fine.

 Well I'll need to wait till have support for my graphic card.

 Actually, XFree86 project says they are still developing support for such graphic
card and the only available X server
it's XF86_VGA16 .

 As you could imagine I'm using that.
 Using 640x480 resolution with 16 colors makes me remember the old days of my
386sx at 16MHz. :-)

 Thanks for your help.

 Best regards,
   Nuno Carvalho

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