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Re: Netscape crashing -- a lot.

Oops, sorry everyone, I messed up.

I have tried deleting my ~/.netscape/cookie file, but it reappeared a while
later, just like the original.  Where did it get that info from?

I have had the problem in Netscape Mail before, where you collapse the
toolbars, but they won't un-collapse.  Deleting the ~/.netscape folder fixed
that, though, until the next time.  So, I've learnt NOT to touch the toolbars.

I am also learning to NOT close windows, but either re-use them or minimize
them for later use.

I'm running potato with all the latests libraries, etc, but even with slink and
different versions of Communicator I have had the same problem.

<scratching head>  I faintly recall Netscape crashing without clicking and
exit/close button.

On 23-Jul-99 wim@netmaster.ca wrote:
>> I have found that the cookie file tends to loose new-lines for some of the
>> entires and then when you attempt to access that site that has the line too
>> long
>> -- there goes netscape.
>> Basicly what I mean is that you will get two sites (or more) that should
>> each
>> be
>> on a seprate line in the cookie file, now on one line, when you try to
>> access
>> that site and netscape tries to send the cookie it has a fit and crashes.
>> Try checking each and every line in the cookie file to make sure that you
>> dont
>> have more than one site listed for each line.
>> I did this, and corrected the incorrect lines and Netscape has treated me
>> alot
>> better since.

 Wim Kerkhoff              
 ICQ: 23284586

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