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Re: mc: How to terminate an FTP connection ?

Quoting shaul (shaulk@netvision.net.il):
> Package: mc
> Version: 4.5.1-1.1
> I have another mc (midnight commander) question.
> How can I terminate an ftp connection made from within mc ?
> The fact that I can not terminate such a connection at will has 2
> implications for me:
> 1) I am holding an unused connection to the server until its timeout closes it.

If you need to close the connection so you can poff, say, I'd
just quit with F10 and then mc again.

> 2) I can not connect again to the server afterwards unless I exit mc and then 
> run it again. The reason for this is that mc will not agree to reopen the 
> connection since it knows that it was closed.

I'm not sure what you mean here. My observations are
a) if you move up off the top of the ftp tree (e.g. too many
left arrow keystrokes), you can reconnect with F9 P without
quoting the password,
b) if the connection has timed out, you can reconnect by pressing
Ctrl-R. Sometimes you get back an empty file list, in which case
you can press Ctrl-R once more and it retries getting the list.
(Repeat slowly if necessary, and watch the dialogue at the foot
of the screen.)


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