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Re: ssltelnet problem

On Thu, 22 Jul 1999, Dieter Jäger wrote:

> On Tue, 20 Jul 1999, Konstantin Kivi wrote:
> >Hello All
> >
> >I have problem with ssltelnet that I tried to install recently.
> >
> >first I tried to install binary package from non-us.debian.org. I tried
> >both stable and unstable
> >ssltelnet crashed if I used -z ssl which I believe provides encryption
> On my box ssltelnet with <-z ssl> also crashes. But using ssl seems
> the default behaviour off ssltelnet, so simple <telnet ...> switches
> on encryption with an ssl telnet daemon. You can use daemon option -z
> secure to enforce encryption

i believe that -z sll isn't supposed to work with telnetd-ssl (the daemon
package pulled in by ssltelnet). -z ssl is intended for when you talk to a
server that begins speaking ssl right away, for example an https server.
The telnetd, on the other hand, accepts connections as any normal telnetd
in order to maintain compatibility; it negotiates the ssl connection
later. So if your telnet program goes in speaking ssl, telnetd can't
understand it.

The fix: use -z secure on the telnet client instead of -z ssl if you want
to force a secure connection. Or, use -z ssl on the server as well as the
client (and note that non-ssl telnet clients won't be able to connect to
your telnetd).

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