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Re: apt-get: upgrade one package to particular version?

apt-get --install icewm

should be all you need to do.

On 21 Jul, Carl Fink wrote:
  |  I've installed apt-get.  It works great . . but.  (You knew there was
  |  a "but" coming, right?)
  |  If I want to upgrade one package, e.g. icewm, to the version in
  |  unstable, the only way the man page seems to permit would be to edit
  |  /etc/apt/sources.list so apt would look for *everything* in unstable,
  |  install that one package, then re-edit the file . . . which would also
  |  require running "apt-get update" twice, right? 
  |  The man page makes it clear that you can't give apt a version number,
  |  so is there any other way to tell it "I just want this one package
  |  from unstable, not everything."?
  |  For that matter, what if I wanted an *older* version for some reason?
  |  Would I have to specify that in sources.list as well?
  |  Thanks for any answers.


Eric G. Miller
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